Call for participants


Deadline for applications for participation and travel grants: 20 February 2012

DATES: Tuesday 24 April (09h) to Friday 27 April 2012 (13h)
LOCATION: Palma de Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Eligibility: This COST 804 course is addressing Early stage researchers   (as defined under COST rules, = less than PhD+ 8 years’ experience) and PhD candidates / MSc thesis candidates from all COST 804 Action countries. Industry participation from COST 804 Action countries is also highly welcome subject to approval. For all other cases contact the Coordinators.

Scope: The scope of the training school is to address energy efficiency in design, modelling and operations, starting from the hardware/software level, to the functional level, to operations and adaptation, and finally to trade-off & adoption of the proposed measures, in a wide diversity of networks with associated facilities. These networks include: computer networks, communication networks, power networks and smart grid, home networks with elements of other networks.  Will be highlighted the main approaches, the state of the art in research and industry, and the performance/ QoS / cost trade-offs.
The participants should expect to get an overview of the field represented by the COST 804 Action, and detailed knowledge supplementing their focussed research topics. They will in the process network between themselves and with the Action participants

COURSE CONTENT (course plan and lecturers to follow later) (non exhaustive)
-Backgrounder on Green ITC technologies (emissions profiles, regulations, policies, stakeholders)
-Efficient energy consumption in IT infrastructures incl. data centers and corresponding algorithms
-Energy efficiency analysis in computer grids
-Energy efficiency in wired communications networks
-Energy efficiency in wireless communications networks
-Joint use of energy and information in power networks and smart grid
-Power consumption of electronic circuits and Thermal emissions from electronic systems
-Power electronics and DC hardware energy optimisation
-Trade-off, selection and decision-making methodologies
Furthermore, significant time will be devoted to panels on specific topics, on early stage researcher’s summary of their work, on industry overviews, and on introduction to public COST 804 reports…

It is envisaged to organize during the course period a social event or cultural excursion (not covered by COST)

-Local host : Assoc. Prof. Carlos JUIZ, Computer Science Dept. (Anselm Turmeda Building) , University of Balearic Islands , Carretera de Valldemossa km 7,5, ESP 07122 Palma de Mallorca Tel: +34-971-172048  Email:
-Assistant local host: Dr Carlos Guerrero email:
-Scientific Training school coordinators:
a) Prof. L-F Pau, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark email:
b) Prof Paul Borza, University of Transsylvania, Romania email:

Participation and travel grants: Attendance of the COST Training school is free to all accepted applicants.
Eligible applicants must submit an application for participation, and eventually an application for travel grant.
Applicants satisfying normal eligibility criteria (see above) can apply for participation and possibly also qualify for individual travel grants. Some applicants can also be accepted without travel grant by COST, and must then secure own travel & subsistence funding.
The rules applying for COST supported Training schools are given in the COST Vademecum documents downloadable from:
The preliminary acceptance of participation is decided by the Coordinators and Local host.
An individual travel grant application should be based on the most economic accommodation arrangements and on the most economic travel arrangement (from place of work). The grant awarded can be less than the amount applied for. The amount applied for cannot exceed the reimbursement rates set by the COST 804 Action .The individual travel grant awards are preliminarily decided by the Coordinators and Local host.
Training school approval:  The Training School is not approved formally at this stage by COST, and only becomes formally approved once the final list of participants (trainees and lecturers) is finalized, program finalized, and budget, all get approved by COST.
It is stressed that COST mandates a minimum number of trainees for a Training school, and that there must be balance between COST Action member country participation counts, as well as between applicant categories and genders.
Final acceptance of individual participation and travel grants:  The preliminary participation decision and preliminary awarded grant decision become final once COST has formally approved the Training school.

DEADLINE: 20 February 2012
At this stage, prospective applicants are asked to send by email to all Coordinators, Local host and Assistant to Local host, an electronic Application, signed by themselves and by supervisor/manager, with the following elements:
-Name, address, email, telephone
-Host Institution, and country
-Is institution/company a COST 804 Action member: Yes/No
-Is institution/company located in a COST 804 Action member country: Yes/No
-Short resume (20 lines max)
-Short description of on-going research or relevance of the envisaged Training school to you and your host institution (10 lines)
-Estimate of most economic travel arrangement cost from your normal place of work to Palma de Mallorca (in Euros)
-Statement:” If the COST 804 Training school takes place and the trainee’s application is approved, the trainee commits to attend+ participate; this is approved by his host institution represented by the supervisor signing below; applicant will be solely responsible for paying accommodation and meals”
-Signatures by applicant and supervisor

If applicant has a double affiliation, it must be stated. Travel from non-COST 804 partner countries cannot be covered.
The preliminary acceptance and preliminary travel grants awards will be notified by email on or before 05 March 2012. Final acceptance is about one month before the Training school, subject to COST procedures.
Participants attending and participating in the Training school , and who have received final acceptance of participation (and eventually of travel grant) will have to keep ALL original travel receipts (with exact dates, times and prices) , make one set of copies, to be attached to the reimbursement forms, which can only be  official COST acceptance forms. Payment will be by COST 804 Action grant holder institution.

Lecture location:
All lectures, panels etc… will be held at:
Jovellanos Building, Balearic Island University, (, [map]
The university and the city center are connected by metro (15 minutes and 1 euro) and by bus (20 minutes and 1, 5 euros), with high frequencies.
Rooms at the following hotel can be reserved if booking is confirmed with Local Hosts at least one month in advance (with exact arrival and departure dates):
Hotel Abelux **, 40Euros per single room, including breakfast  This hotel has also double rooms at 56 Euros, incl. breakfast. [map]
The organizers cannot be held responsible if other hotels are chosen, or late reservations are made.
All guests will have to pay themselves the full hotel bill (room, meals and miscellaneous) at the end of the stay, and the training school cannot be held responsible for this payment.
All the lunch menus in the university are below 10€ with two dishes, desert and a drink. Each participant must pay meal herself/himself.
Dinners etc.
In the city, for dinners, the prices are higher, in the hotel district there are plenty of restaurants with a wide range of prices (very cheap and very expensive).Each participant must pay meal herself/himself.
COST, COST 804 and the organizers cannot be held responsible if the Training school is cancelled or moved to another date. Applicants are asked not to book travel until final decisions are notified.