Public transport information

Dear participants,

Next Tuesday the TS starts at 9.00 at the campus of the University of the Balearic Islands. Just to help you to use the public transport around Palma, we give you some advices in this mail.

There are two bus lines from the airport. The bus line which goes to the city center is number 1. The price of the ticket is 2.5 € (special extra price for the airport, you can NOT paid with notes higher than 10 euros). The closest bus stop to the hotel Abelux is “Avinguda Comte Sallent, 14”:

The Abelux hotel is located here:

An alternative way to go to the Abelux hotel is a taxi (around 30 euros).

The campus is outside the city, and you have two alternatives to arrive.

a) By underground. The price is 1 euro. The closest stop to the hotel is Plaza España ( Be careful, this is the first stop of the line, but there are a underground line and a train line. The underground platform is on the left. The stop of the university is the last one, (Universidad or UIB) ( It takes 15 minutes and there is a service each 15 minutes (o’clock, .15, .30 and .45).

b) By bus. The price is 1.5 euro. The line is number 19. The closest bus stop is General Riera 32 ( There are three stops in the campus, the closest one to the building of the TS is the third one ( It takes around 25 minutes and there is a service each 15 minutes.

The TS will held in Jovellanos building ( in the room AA06.

You have all the map points summarized here:

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